Touchless Payments to Increase in Dallas Fort Worth

Touchless Payments in Dallas Fort Worth

Touchless Payments to Increase in Dallas Fort Worth

Touchless Payments in Dallas Fort Worth

Touchless payment technologies are an essential component needed in 2020 to create safe and functional break rooms. While a trend toward using touchless payment methods already existed in Dallas Fort Worth break rooms, COVID-19 spurred the need forward even more.

A recent study by Mastercard looked into payment behaviors of individuals from all over the world. After interviewing 6,750 individuals in 15 countries, the results found that almost seven in 10 participants said they are likely to make a permanent shift from cash to digital payments. The results also confirmed what many break room providers and other businesses already anecdotally knew.

Jorn Lambert, Executive Vice President of Digital Solutions at Mastercard explained, “While no one could have predicted the state of the world we’re in today, it has reinforced the necessity for us to continue evolving the consumer payment experience to meet the consumer wherever they are.”

Digital Payment Options

Although there are differences between the technologies used in micro-markets and vending machine technologies, both services offer payment options that encourage as little physical contact as possible between employees and the equipment.

Employees can purchase snacks, beverages, or fresh food with mobile wallets such as Apple Pay or Google Pay or via an employee account/mobile payment app connected to a service provider. Employee accounts can also be personalized with user specific offers such as buy-4-get-1-free and information about upcoming promotions and rewards.

The Mobile App

Another touchless break room technology is the Mobile App, which allows Dallas Fort Worth employees to have direct contact with their break room refreshment provider. A cloud-based service, the Mobile App simplifies the process for reporting service issues and leaving feedback.

Touchless Payments in Dallas Fort Worth

The technology combines the mobile app with a QR code located on each machine. If an employee or guest has a problem or feedback they want to share, they scan the QR code and enter the relevant information. The problem or feedback is instantaneously sent to the refreshment provider.

Other customer service features include requesting new products, making customer service inquiries, and connecting with the provider on social media.

Wireless Connections

Vending equipment and micro-markets with open-front coolers and self-checkout kiosks also have wireless connections to the refreshment supplier, providing them with large amounts of useful information. Remote data management or sales and inventory data analysis allow break room providers to track sales in real time, making sure micro-markets and vending machines are fully stocked with the sought-after products.

Wireless data also alerts providers about unplanned machine issues and tracks required and ongoing maintenance. Using a wireless system to gather information also means that delivery drivers need to spend less time on-site during each visit and need to make fewer trips because they will have the right products with them.

For post COVID-19 break rooms to be successful, Dallas Fort Worth employers need to take the time to assess their current situation. Several questions to consider when reassessing your current break room include: if an employee wants to purchase a snack or beverage right now, could they use their preferred payment method, does your break room offer more than one type of touchless payment method, and how easy is it for your provider to keep your break room stocked with everyone’s favorite products.

TGL Vending is here to help Dallas Fort Worth employers customize the best refreshment program for their organization as well as offer touchless technology that works no matter the size of the micro-market or the number of vending machines. For more information, please contact us at 214-477-6195.


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