8 Dallas, Fort Worth, and Plano Break Room Options That Brighten Your Workday

DFW Drink Options | Cold Brew Taps | Plano Office Water

8 Dallas, Fort Worth, and Plano Break Room Options That Brighten Your Workday

DFW Drink Options | Cold Brew Taps | Plano Office Water

Do your employees need a morale boost? If so, give them exciting new DFW break room options that keep things fresh. Thus, your team has more to look forward to when coming to work.

Wondering what solutions or products to try? TGL Vending has you covered! Here are eight options that’ll instantly brighten up the workday.

1. Refreshing Cold Brew Coffee Options

Summer is here! Help employees beat the heat with creamy cold-brew coffee. This delicious drink is made from coffee grounds steeped in cold water, producing rich flavors with little acid. It’s a great drink to tap and serve over ice.

Don’t want cold brew on tap? TGL Vending stocks it pre-made and bottled in Dallas micro market coolers!

2. Sip in Summer with an Iced Tea Maker

Nothing is better than a cold cup of iced tea on a hot summer day. Treat your team to refreshing iced teas in the office. Stock them in your Fort Worth vending machine. Or, make it fresh. How? Ask TGL Vending about our single-cup coffee brewers. Special tea pods can be brewed over ice for a refreshing drink. It’s also an excellent addition to your Plano office coffee service!

3. Fresh, Flavorful Water

Want to boost workplace wellness? Add a DFW water filtration system to your break room. Fresh, flavorful water keeps employees healthy and hydrated. It also makes hot beverages taste great because the filters remove chemicals, improving the flavor. Thus, employees can always get delicious drinks. It’s even beneficial for the environment since it uses fewer plastic bottles.

4. Healthy Snack Options

Many people are focused on health. Help employees achieve their wellness goals with healthy snack options. We can stock your Dallas micro market with nutritious and delicious meals. For instance, salads and wraps are great summertime lunches.

Want other options? Ask us about our healthy vending snacks. We’ll fill your Fort Worth vending machines with dried fruit, nuts, and veggie chips.

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5. Offer More Break Room Freebies

It’s no secret that people love free food. When you add Plano office pantry service, employee satisfaction will skyrocket. This makes it easy for employees to grab complimentary snacks whenever they want. TGL Vending has many great snacking options for your pantry. We offer candy, nuts, fruit, and granola.

6. Coffee Add-On Options

Take your DFW office coffee service to the next level with more add-ons! TGL Vending has plenty to choose from. Ask us about our sweeteners and creamers. We even carry non-dairy and flavored options. Choose from cocoa powder, hazelnut, caramel syrup, and more.

7. Dallas Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines

Bring the sounds and smells of a café into your break room. How? By adding a Fort Worth bean-to-cup coffee machine. This brewer grinds whole beans and makes coffee, lattes, and cappuccinos. Users can easily customize their drinks from the touchscreen. Make premium beverages by yourself with the touch of a button and not a barista!

8. Subsidized Micro Market Options

Boost employee satisfaction with a Plano subsidized micro market or vending services. You can provide deep discounts on your team’s favorite micro market products. Or, offer free vend vouchers or ask us to set your machines on FreeVend mode.

Treat Employees to More Exciting Options

As you can see, more options can lead to happier, healthier employees. Want to try one of these eight options? Then reach out to TGL Vending today at 214-477-6195 for more information.

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