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Pelican Rouge started in 1863 when Joseph van Leckwyck and his sons started roasting coffee in Antwerp. They were among the first to trade roasted coffee in Europe!

Pelican Rouge was founded in Antwerp, Belgium and was named Roode Pelicaan- Pelican Rouge.

Today, Pelican Rouge coffee is one of the top selling coffees in Dordrecht & offers a variety of high quality roasting for different sized batches and specialties.

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For years, Pelican Rouge has been serving a variety of businesses. With over 100 coffee blends to choose from and 71 countries served, you can trust that Pelican Rouge is capable of meeting your unique business needs.

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Pelican Rouge coffee is grown by independent farmers and is approved by leading certification labels! From environmentally friendly & aluminum free packaging and beyond, Pelican Rouge is continuously striving to make conscious choices for the environment.
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