Elevate workplace coffee

Local, private label coffee offers higher quality at a lower cost

Our private label is made from great tasting beans sourced and deliciously roasted by experts at our local roaster partner.

Ready selection of premier coffee brewing equipment

From whole-bean grinding espresso makers to brew by the pot coffee machines, TGL can offer a solution just right for your needs.

Office coffee service in Dallas Forth Forth DFW


Brew coffee by the pot for high-volume enjoyment.

Dallas Forth Forth, DFW office coffee service

Fresh Cup

Make coffee one cup at a time for more freshness.

Office c offee services in Dallas Forth Forth, DFW

Total Lite

Grind whole beans for coffee and specialty drinks.

Office coffee service for Dallas Forth Forth, DFW businesses


Make coffeehouse rivaling espresso in the break room.

Create your own private label

Your story is unique and your coffee should be too. TGL can help you distinguish yourself from the competition & tell your own valuable story. From sourcing, roasting, blending, packaging & quality control – we handle it all so you don’t have too.

Choose your bean

Choose your roast

Choose other products

Choose your design

Get started with your own private label

Energy-conserving equipment

Ensure coffee and tea brewing is handled in an eco-friendly, sustainable manner in the break room.

Bean to cup sustainability

Offer coffee and coffee-related products that make the earth as happy as you are with every sip.

Take steps towards a greener, more sustainable world.

Showcase coffee and tea brands known for sustainability.

Ensure cups and break room supplies are compostable.

Innovative tea service

Provide an all-day drink option with style.

Office tea services in Dallas Fort Worth, DFW area

Options aplenty

Select from a large variety of tea, including green, black, Oolong, and more.

Dallas Fort Worth, DFW area tea services

Boost health

Many teas contain antioxidants or super ingredients that benefit personal health.

Perfect compliment

Tea is the ideal add-on for a break room anywhere in Dallas Fort Worth, DFW.

Rejuvenating water service

Enjoy delicious water and better-tasting coffee and tea from our plumbed in water filtration or 5-gallon service.

Water is essential to life. Encourage employees and customers to enjoy it at your Dallas Fort Worth, DFW, business with professional water service. Use a point-of-use water filtration unit to filter water already coming into your facility. The filter removes impurities that impact taste and ensures every beverage made with the water tastes better. If there is no water line, enjoy a traditional water cooler that holds a 5-gallon jug. It’s the perfect way to ensure a delicious, healthy beverage to everyone.

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