Loads of variety

With the open concept and self-checkout kiosk, TGL Markets offer more food, snack, and beverage options than ever to employees.

Nutritious drinks

All the latest energy drinks, specialty waters, juices, and cold brews are available in the micro-market.

Local food

The micro-market is stocked with fresh food made at a FDA-approved facility here in Dallas Fort Worth, DFW.

Specialty items

Micro-markets ensure unique snacks and treats are available onsite, enticing employees during breaks.

Micro-markets adapt to
meet your needs

The TGL Market concept is designed to be scalable, with a micro-market fitting in any size business.
TGL ensures all Dallas Fort Worth, DFW, businesses can offer their employees great-tasting refreshments onsite. These micro-markets provide food, snacks, and drinks to employees in an open-concept, self-checkout format that employees love. The checkout includes the latest technology, including cashless payments, and the selections are constantly reassessed to keep the market fresh.

TGL Markets can be the size of a room, a wall, or on a countertop — they are that versatile. We offer micro-markets with kiosks, to mobile only options, including the nano market. It is a concept that can grow with your company and adjust to fluctuating employee numbers.

TGL micro-markets in Dallas Fort Worth, DFW
Self-serve micro-markets in Dallas Fort Worth, DFW

Pay by mobile for a completely, touchless transaction

Using a mobile device at the micro-market is full of great benefits. All payments can be done electronically, ensuring convenience and safety. Employees can also set up a personal account that earns them loyalty rewards and buying discounts. These accounts can be used by human resources and facility managers to reward employees for meeting goals or to subsidize the market’s use.

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