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in Roanoke, TX

TGL Vending proudly offers state-of-the-art vending machines to Roanoke businesses. Whether your office needs beverage vending machines, snack vending machines, or healthy vending options, we’ve got you covered. Our industry experts will help you create a customized vending menu that caters to every employee’s preference and dietary needs. Our Roanoke vending machines feature advanced technology, including cashless payment options and automatic refunds. Additionally, TGL Vending remotely monitors your Roanoke vending service to ensure your machines always stay fully stocked.

vending service and office coffee in RoanokePremium Office Coffee and Water Filtration Solutions for Roanoke Businesses

A quality Roanoke office coffee service is at the heart of a productive workplace. At TGL Vending, we go beyond traditional office coffee solutions and offer premium brewers and delicious flavor options. We carry local favorites and national brands, including Starbucks, Peets, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Pelican Rouge. We also offer numerous coffee products, such as sweeteners, creamers, stir sticks, and coffee cups. TGL Vending’s state-of-the-art coffee brewers transform your Roanoke break room into a café. Choose from a variety of Roanoke office coffee equipment, including single-cup, bean-to-cup, and espresso brewers. Employees will enjoy rich, flavorful coffee and gourmet drinks.

Want to promote workplace health and hydration? TGL Vending can help! Ask us about our Roanoke water filtration service. We have options for every size of office, including plumbed-in and free-standing models. Short on space? Consider a countertop water filtration system. Our water filters have hot and cold spigots. Add fresh water to your coffee to enhance the flavors.

beverage vending machines and micro markets in RoanokeBest-in-Class Micro-Markets for
Roanoke Offices

Give your break room a boost with TGL Vending’s Roanoke micro-market solutions. Our micro-markets are unmanned, on-site mini convenience stores. Employees can purchase fresh and frozen foods, savory snacks, and refreshing beverages from marquee brands. Skip long checkout lines with our self-service kiosks. These accept cash, cards, and mobile payments. The Roanoke kiosks are connected to the internet. This allows us to track your inventory and restock items immediately. Our Roanoke micro-markets are always open. Employees can buy their favorite foods during work or after hours. Plus, you can tailor the size and appearance of your micro-market to suit your style and needs. TGL Vending’s micro-markets are equipped with security cameras to keep everything—and everyone—safe and secure.

food vending machines and office pantry service in RoanokeImprove Workplace Culture with Roanoke Office Pantry Services

Boost morale and retention with TGL Vending’s Roanoke office pantry solutions. We’ll design an area of your break room where employees can help themselves to complimentary refreshments. We’ll work within your budget and dietary needs, ensuring everyone enjoys free food. A Roanoke office pantry supports workplace wellness, offers customizable options, and increases productivity. Roanoke employees will stay full between meals, energized,
and satisfied.

TGL Vending is ready to serve you with the latest in vending technologies. Call us at 214-477-6195 or e-mail jeremy@tglvending.comto learn more about what we have to offer.

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