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Food vending machines and office coffee in Los ColinasTouchless Vending Machines Ideal For Los Colinas

TGL Vending delivers cutting-edge vending machines to the Los Colinas area. Los Colinas employees and customers can now buy snacks and drinks while avoiding cash, which can harbor germs. They can instead pay with cashless options, such as mobile payments after browsing the convenient vending machine for the cold beverage they need to satisfy their thirst or salty snack wanted to beat the midday slump. TGL Vending has a wide variety of brand name products to choose from in Los Colinas vending machines, including healthy vending options. Additionally, all Los Colinas vending machines are serviced just in time thanks to wireless technology that lets us know exactly what products are needed before we leave our Los Colinas-area warehouse.

High End Coffee Service and Water Systems To Suit Los Colinas Companies

TGL Vending brings Los Colinas break rooms the ultimate coffee service equipment and products. Our single cup machines can supply fresh coffee that challenge the Los Colina coffeeshop. Get a bean to cup machine and grind whole beans for each brew. It makes espresso and specialty drinks with ease. If having variety is of greater importance, opt for coffee from a pod or cartridge single cup machine. These allow each Los Colinas employee or customer to select a different beverage to brew, just for them. Don’t forget brew by the pot for the los Colinas office, either. These modern coffee pot brewers deliver exceptional flavor.

Enrich your office coffee and tea service further with water filtration for the Los Colinas area. We bring a premium water filtering system to you and attach it to your water line. It works to remove elements in the Los Colinas water that alter taste, thus providing a fresh tasting H2O. Los Colinas customers tell us they can really taste the difference, especially in water-based beverages, such as coffee and tea. The water filtration units are available full size or condensed to fit on a break room counter, making them a solution for any size Los Colinas break room.

Micro-markets in Los Colinas Los Colinas’ Top Tier Micro-Market Provider

TGL Vending ensures the Los Colinas area has access to the latest break room refreshment solutions, including micro-markets. We design these small stores to fit in your break room. Los Colinas employees browse the hundred of items, which we deliver and stock, until they find what fits their needs. It might be a fresh food item and cold beverage, or perhaps a quick snack. The Los Colinas micro-market offers dozens of combinations, with more being added everyday. It’s also open to your Los Colinas employees 24/7 thanks to the fully secured self-checkout kiosk. No long cashier lines here. All payments are fast and secure. Los Colinas employees can even sign up for micro-market accounts and earn loyalty rewards
and discounts.

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