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vending machines and office coffee service in CarrolltonCarrollton’s Choice in Quality Vending Machine Services

One thing is certain in Carrollton – your employees would appreciate a vending machine service. So why not give it to them with a simple call to TGL Vending? We have the vending machines to serve up every type of item as well as the inventory to back it up. Choose from snack vending machines, beverage vending machines (Coke or Pepsi products), food vending machines and coffee vending machines. Beyond a huge selection of products, our vending machines are known for being state-of-the-art. Ask about Lightspeed Technology, which gives us the ability to see your inventory remotely, so we always know what you need and when at your Carrollton office. Having the ability to pre-kit our trucks with only the items you need allows us to be more efficient, which keeps costs lower.

Your Office Coffee and Water Filtration Solution in Carrollton

A good cup of coffee available at a moment’s notice is a great benefit to any Carrollton employee. TGL Vending can make it a reality with our in-house office coffee service. We provide everything you need, from the brewers, to the drink supply, to the other break room necessities at your Carrollton location. Our office coffee brewers feature the latest in high-tech features and are available in formats from single-cup coffee machines to those that brew by the pot. Unique features not only allow the machines to brew better coffee, but you can adjust parameters to make coffee just the way you want it in your Carrollton break room. Whatever drink selection you choose, we’ll come back regularly to make sure the brewers are working properly, and your supply is full. During these visits, we’ll also bring other common needs like stir sticks, cups, plates, napkins and creamers. Just tell us what you want us to manage and we’ll do it for you.

Looking for a water filtration service or water delivery in your Carrollton break room? We offer both. Fresh, filtered water can be achieved with our delivery service that supplies it by the 5-gallon jug or you can hook up one of our water filtration devices directly to your water supply. These filters take out the impurities that lead to bad water quality. All that’s left is great tasting water available right from the tap – hot or cold.

vending service and micro-markets in CarrolltonSelf-Service Micro-Markets Available in the Carrollton Area

Give your Carrollton employees the best selection in snacks, beverages and food items with a Micro-Market. TGL Vending works with you to turn a portion of your Carrollton break room into a small convenience store. After we install the attractive coolers, racks and displays, we fill them with your choice of items. This includes much more than standard vending machine fare such as gourmet salads, unique entrees and fresh fruit. The selection is completely up to you. When people utilize the store, they can browse the available items and then bring their selections to the integrated self-checkout kiosks. These allow people to handle their own transactions, meaning no one is needed to run the store. Because of this, Micro-Markets are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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