3 Myths About Plano, McKinney, and Dallas Vending Services Busted

Plano Vending Machines | Office Snacks | McKinney Vending Food Services

3 Myths About Plano, McKinney, and Dallas Vending Services Busted

Plano Vending Machines | Office Snacks | McKinney Vending Food Services

Food vending machines are still popular options. They make it quick and easy for Plano employees to grab snacks. Yet, folks may be reluctant to use them. Why? There are many myths about food vending services. Luckily, we’re here to bust them!

Keep reading to learn more about the top myths about Dallas vending machines.

Myth #1: Vending Machines Don’t Have Fresh Food

Many people believe there’s no such thing as fresh food vending machines. However, that’s not true. Our McKinney vending machines have fresh, healthy foods. Stale, old food is a thing of the past. That’s because we check your machines in person regularly. This ensures food is kept at optimal freshness levels. Employees can buy fresh, tasty food 24/7. We also use advanced technology. Thus, we monitor machines remotely. This keeps your office breakroom fully stocked.

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Myth #2: Vending Machine Snacks Don’t Taste Good

Some people think that Dallas vending snacks aren’t delicious. Therefore, they won’t use vending machines. This is far from true. TGL Vending offers flavorful options. We work with a local in-house deli. Plano offices get the freshest foods in Texas! In fact, our machines have more fresh foods than half our competitors. That’s why we’ve been Dallas’s go-to vending services provider for nearly 20 years.

We’re a proud authorized Coolbreakrooms provider. Thus, we are committed to excellence. We offer healthy choices and use advanced technology. TGL Vending makes vending services better!

Myth #3: Vending Machines Are Full of Junk

This is a common misconception. Health-conscious employees avoid overprocessed junk foods. Thus, they’ll skip the vending machine. Luckily, TGL Vending changed all of that. Our machines are stuffed with healthy office snacks. We use the highest quality ingredients possible. Plus, our ingredients are locally sourced. Each item is FDA-approved.

Employees can choose from a wide range of healthy products. For instance, get nuts, chips, fruit, or popcorn. You can also purchase healthy drinks. Our McKinney beverage vending machines have bottled water, energy drinks, and more. We keep employees healthy, hydrated, and happy.

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We Go Beyond Vending Services

Employees love our modern vending machines. They also appreciate our micro-markets. TGL Vending offers customized micro-markets in Dallas, Plano, and McKinney. These mini-stores have endless options. Buy fresh meals and premium snacks. Plus, employees can skip long checkout lines. Our micro-markets have self-checkout kiosks. This saves them time and money.

We’ll customize a micro-market to your exact needs. Upgrade your break room services and increase employee satisfaction!

Offering Quality Vending Services to Dallas for 20 Years

TGL Vending is revolutionizing vending services. We have fresh foods and locally sourced ingredients. Employees can buy wholesome snacks whenever they want. Plus, our vending technology protects the planet. We make break rooms greener!

Want to learn more? Contact TGL Vending today at 214-477-6195. Ask us about our vending, micro-market, office pantry, and office coffee services. We’re excited to hear from you!

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