5 Ways to Bring Sustainability into the Plano, McKinney, and Dallas Break Room

Plano Sustainability | McKinney Eco-Friendly Break Room | Dallas Vending Machines

5 Ways to Bring Sustainability into the Plano, McKinney, and Dallas Break Room

Plano Sustainability | McKinney Eco-Friendly Break Room | Dallas Vending Machines

People care about sustainability. More of us are going green, from the cars we drive to the products we buy. And this includes Plano, McKinney, and Dallas businesses. More and more workplaces want eco-friendly breakrooms. This helps protect the earth. Plus, it demonstrates their passion for the planet. Thus, sustainable break rooms can boost employee satisfaction.

Looking for ways to go green? TGL Vending can help! Here are five ways to make your break room sustainable. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Add a Water Filtration Service

Want to reduce waste? Add a Plano, McKinney, and Dallas water filtration system. Employees can refill their reusable water bottles or cups. This helps them reduce their carbon footprint.

Plus, the water filter dispensers offer hot water too. As such, you can steep hot tea or instant coffee. The filtered water improves taste. Your morning brew has never tasted better.

2. Eco-Friendly Coffee Products

Every Plano, McKinney, and Dallas office coffee service needs cups, lids, napkins, and stir sticks. TGL Vending offers eco-friendly coffee products. These are better for the environment, for example being biodegradable.

Want to learn more? Call us today! We can be reached at 214-477-6195.

3. Bulk Office Pantry Items Promote Sustainability

Plano Micro-Market | McKinney Office Pantry | Dallas Sustainability

Employees are super busy. That’s why they love Plano, McKinney, and Dallas vending machines. They can buy snacks and beverages 24/7. Looking for other ways to help employees fight hunger? Consider an office pantry! Employees can get free goodies. This improves morale. Retention rates can rise!

Plano, McKinney, and Dallas office pantry service also supports sustainability. Take bulk snack bins. These containers hold nuts, candies, and more. This cuts back on individual packaging. Plus, the bins keep your pantry organized. They also reduce the spread of germs. There’s no contamination from hands or scoops.

4. Fairtrade Options

Fairtrade products ensure farmers are paid fairly. This promotes a better quality of life. Additionally, it helps them improve water and soil quality. Thus, they can avoid using harsh chemicals. This reduces greenhouse gases.

We are proud to offer fairtrade candy and coffee. Request them in your vending machines. Or, we can stock fairtrade items in your Plano, McKinney, and Dallas micro-market.

5. The Right Service Provider

Partnering with the right service provider is essential. This helps make your break room greener. TGL Vending uses state-of-the-art technology. We can track and predict your inventory needs from our warehouse. Therefore, we’ll know when your break room is running low. Thus, we can make fewer delivery trips. This reduces carbon emissions from delivery trucks. Plus, your office always stays stocked!

TGL Vending Supports Break Room Sustainability

TGL Vending makes break rooms green. Our water filtration service reduces plastic waste. We also offer sustainable refreshment services and fairtrade snacks. Plus, our technology helps protect the planet. Thus, your business can do its part.

Want to learn more? Contact TGL Vending or call us today at 214-477-6195. We offer vending, office pantry, micro-market, and office coffee solutions. We can’t wait to chat!


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