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Snack vending machines and coffee service in Grapevine Vending Service That Enriches Grapevine Break Rooms

TGL Vending is experienced at delivering vending service to Grapevine customers. Our top of the line vending equipment is full of popular and trendy products. We have a huge selection of satisfying snacks, cravable candy, and delicious drinks. We craft specific product selections for each Grapevine location based on what appeals to the customers and employees using that vending machine. Even better, we’ve equipped our Grapevine vending machines with enhanced payment options. Vending machine users can make purchases with credit/debit cards and mobile payments, avoiding the need for cash. Wireless technology inside the vending machine tells us what products need replenishing, so we always know how to keep your Grapevine vending machine filled and ready to serve.

Office Coffee & Water Filtration Service That Boosts Grapevine Morale

Nothing brings positive interaction in the Grapevine office quite like coffee. That’s why TGL Vending offers the latest coffee brewing equipment to its Grapevine customers. From capsule-using single cup machines to whole-bean grinding bean to cup brewers to pour over coffee pots to multi-pot coffee systems — you want it, we’ve got it for your Grapevine office. TGL Vending works with you to bring the office coffee dream for your Grapevine location to life. We will deliver exceptional quality coffee for your Grapevine break room and perform preventative maintenance on coffee brewing equipment, making office coffee service hassle-free.

Improve the water at your Grapevine business with a water filtration system from TGL Vending. We install it in the Grapevine break room using your existing water line. Thanks to premium filters, what comes out is pure tasting water that will inspire better hydration. Grapevine customers will also see an impact on the office coffee and tea flavor served in the Grapevine office.

Self-serve micro-markets and water filtration service in Grapevine Micro-Markets That Refresh Grapevine Refreshments

The micro-market solution TGL Vending brings to Grapevine can reshape your corporate morale for the better. Grapevine employees love the always open store a micro-market brings to the break room. They can grab that fresh food sandwich for lunch or restore energy in the afternoon with a healthy snack. There are more options in a Grapevine micro-market than a vending machine, ensuring employees have more choice. Purchasing is simple. Grapevine employees scan and pay at the micro-market self-checkout kiosk. They can even pay with a mobile account and earn loyalty rewards and money towards future purchases. Grapevine employees love that.

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