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vending machines and office coffee service in Fort WorthAdd Vending Machines to Your Fort Worth Location

The best choice in vending machines for your Fort Worth office is one that offers the latest in technologies. And that’s just what TGL Vending offers. Our vending machines range from snack vending machines, to beverage vending machines, to food vending machines. All of these are built with the latest in convenience features, like guaranteed product delivery, cashless payment and Energy Star conservation componentry. Furthermore, Lightspeed Technology can be found on our vending machines. This allows the vending machines to be internet connected, letting us view your inventory in real time. The result is less instances where your vending machines are empty, and more ability for us to plan each restocking trip appropriately.

The Office Coffee and Water Filtration You Need in Fort Worth

Coffee is the oil that keeps your Fort Worth office running smoothly. And TGL Vending is your supplier. We offer all of the most popular brands, types and flavors of coffees and teas. Our office coffee machines are available in multiple sizes and capabilities – all exhibiting the latest in brewing technology. Choose from single-cup brewing machines on up to coffee equipment that make coffee by the pot. Not only can we provide everything you need to deliver coffee in-house, but we can supply your other break room needs, like stir sticks, cups, plates, napkins, filters and creamers. If you’d like these delivered too, just say the word.

Office coffee is nothing without decent water quality at your Fort Worth location. We’ve got that covered two ways – with either a water delivery service or water filtration. We deliver the standard 5-gallon jugs of filtered water or you can hook up one of our water filtration units. Available in floor standing and countertop units, there’s a water filter to fit any available space. These plumb right into your water supply, removing the impurities leading to bad quality in the first place. All you need to do is turn the spigot and you’ve got better tasting water.

vending service and micro-markets in Fort WorthMicro-Markets with Self-Checkout Kiosks in Fort Worth

If you’d love to provide your employees with a unique fringe benefit while maximizing their productivity, consider a Micro-Market for your Fort Worth location. TGL Vending works with you to determine the part of your office to turn into a self-sufficient convenience store. With an arrangement of coolers, racks and displays, we can make any sized space work for your Fort Worth break room. Micro-Markets not only include the regular vending machine products you know and love, but can also accommodate unique food options, like fresh fruit, dairy products and gourmet salads. The nerve center of each Micro-Market is the self-checkout kiosk. Not only does it allow people to handle their own transactions, but these are internet connected, reporting inventory totals back to us in real time. We’ll know what you need to refill the store before you do. Micro-Markets are available to your employees 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

TGL Vending offers the full vending solutions you’re looking for. Call us at 214-477-6195 or e-mail to learn more.

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