Office Coffee Service Evolves in Dallas Fort Worth

Coffee Service in Dallas Fort Worth

Office Coffee Service Evolves in Dallas Fort Worth

Coffee Service in Dallas Fort Worth

Have you ever considered what the workday would be like without office coffee service? No? Well, neither have I. And Dallas Fort Worth employers don’t want to see that happen either.

Today, employers have a lot of break room options to consider. For example, one question is which would be a better fit: vending machines or a micro-market? 

And thinking about coffee service is no different. Employers have to choose the best brewers, coffees and budget level for their business. There is, however, one important factor to consider when determining the best possible solution. Don’t treat coffee like it is a commodity. 

Coffee Beans

Arabica and Robusta coffee beans are the most used coffee beans. Of the two types, Arabica is more expensive and is used in specialty coffees. It grows at higher altitudes on steeper terrain at cooler temperatures and is more disease-prone. 

Robusta beans, on the other hand, are the primary ingredient in coffee blends and instant coffee. A hardier tree, the Robusta is more resistant to diseases. It can withstand warmer temperatures and grows at lower and more accessible altitudes.  


  • Locally roasted brands: roasters who are part of the local community and offer a mix of beans
  • National “value” brands: beans are sourced from different locations and are mixed, processed, roasted, and ground on a big scale
  • National “specialty” brands: higher quality beans that are grown in a single location and roasted on a smaller scale

Coffee Service Options

Options for packaging and brewing can be just as varied. In OCS, packaging comes in several forms:

  • frac pack (enclosed filters filled with pre-measured amounts of coffee) 
  • whole bean 
  • single cup 

Coffee Service in Dallas Fort Worth

While the packaging can dictate the type of brewer required, the two are often separate decisions. Pour-over and automatic brewers continue to play an important role in many Dallas Fort Worth break rooms. But single-cup brewers are finding their own place. Even with the higher per-cup cost, consumers love brewing a hot beverage that is just for them.

An alternative to the single-cup brewer, and a potentially less expensive option, is the bean-to-cup brewer. When a Dallas Fort Worth employee orders a drink, a quick three step process happens. First, the whole beans drop into the grinder. Second, the grinder grinds the beans. And third, the brewer brews the specific drink. It’s a gourmet coffee shop and single-cup brewer all rolled into one. 

Offering coffee service in your break room is a great benefit for future and current employees. But don’t forget about other popular break room benefits. Micro-markets, subsidized vending, and healthy choices are popular additions. To learn more about updating your break room menu, please call TGL Vending at 214-477-6195. We look forward to hearing from you.

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