Breakfast Offers Dallas Fort Worth Individuals Benefits

Breakfast in Dallas Fort Worth Break Rooms

Breakfast Offers Dallas Fort Worth Individuals Benefits

Breakfast in Dallas Fort Worth Break Rooms

Do you ever skip breakfast? If your answer is yes, you aren’t alone. According to a recent study performed by Kellogg, approximately two-thirds or 9,300 of the 14,000 participants weren’t able to fit the morning meal into their schedule even though just over half of the participants said they wanted to. There is definitely a gap between what science has found to be most beneficial—eating breakfast—and what most Americans do.

September is Better Breakfast Month and a great opportunity to look at the benefits of eating breakfast. It’s also a good time to consider how Dallas Fort Worth employers can use their break room as a tool to support healthy breakfast habits.

The Benefits

Experts agree that the morning meal benefits individuals in a several ways including boosting metabolism, improving mood, lowering the likelihood of being overweight, stabilizing blood sugars, and increasing energy levels. Let’s take a quick look at how eating breakfast impacts each area.

Metabolism: During sleep, the body slows down its metabolic rate or enters a fasting state. Consuming breakfast wakes up or provides the fuel the body needs to jumpstart the metabolism. A good metabolic rate helps burn calories during the day and plays a role in weight loss.

Healthier Diet: Research has shown that those who eat breakfast tend to have healthier diets. Common breakfast foods such as fruits, whole grains, and lean proteins offer Dallas Fort Worth individuals a variety of important nutrients as well as fiber. In other words, those individuals are more likely to consume the recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals and are less likely to overeat later in the day.

Mood:  Eating first thing in the morning does more than quell hunger. It causes an increase in blood sugar levels that have been shown to enhance memory and cognitive ability and increase attention span. The opposite is also true. Low blood sugar can cause lethargy, sleepiness, irritability, and difficulty thinking. It’s hard for anyone to focus when they feel hangry.

Breakfast in Dallas Fort Worth Break Rooms

An Ideal Meal

Breakfast doesn’t always have to consist of traditional breakfast foods. Since many Dallas Fort Worth individuals work hours other than the traditional 9-5, the key is to plan for a meal that occurs soon after waking from the longest sleep period of the day, whether that’s in the am or pm. An ideal meal should include a combination of nutrient-rich carbohydrates, such as whole grain cereals or bread; fruits and vegetables; some lean protein such as yogurt, cottage cheese or nuts/legumes; and a bit of healthy fat.

Planning quick meal options ahead of time makes everything go more smoothly and removes “I don’t have time” as an obstacle. In addition to eating at home before going to work, there are a lot of potential options available in break room micro-markets or pantry service that could work for a quick breakfast too. Consider grab-and-go options such as a yogurt, a granola bar, and a banana; an apple and a hard-boiled egg; or oatmeal with nut butter and fruit.

Does your break room offer refreshment choices that can be enjoyed at all times of the day including breakfast? Perhaps it’s time to reconsider your break room menu. TGL Vending can help. We offer a variety of break room options including micro-markets, pantry service, vending machines, and office coffee service. All you need to do is let us know what you need, and we’ll create a customized menu for you. For more information, please call us at 214-477-6195.


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